Massage is not currently available, as I am only seeing clients online for the foreseeable future…

Massage is a very broad discipline, and you can get very different kinds of treatment from different practitioners.  Since achieving my foundational massage qualification, I have trained in various types of massage.  The kind of massage I use most frequently and effectively, however, is a technique called ‘Myofascial Release’.  The ‘Myo’ part means the muscles, and the ‘fascial’ part refers to the fascia, the network of fibrous tissue that lies around and through all of the muscles.  In working to release the fascia, a much deeper and more lasting effect is achieved with muscular aches and pains.

I generally do not work any longer with oils or waxes, in order to have a stronger connection with the fascia – however, if you prefer to have work done with oils or waxes, I will be happy to do this.

The benefits of massage are well-documented and I could make a very long list, but among them are:

  • Pain relief (muscular pain, joint pain, headaches, and some other types of pain)

  • Relaxation, reduced anxiety, and improved ability to manage stress

  • Improved concentration and vitality

  • Improvements in sleep problems

  • Improvements in some respiratory conditions such as Asthma

  • Boosting of immune system

I work with a variety of clients, from those who have persistent, injury-related, posture-related, stress-related or generalised aches and pains, to those who simply wish to have some space to relax and reconnect with their bodies.  Usually, to work effectively with wherever the body has aches and pains, the session will ibe focussed on particular areas – for example the neck and shoulders, or the lower back.

In the session, I will take some notes on medical history and any current health issues.  The questions are not intrusive, but if there are questions as part of the intake that you do not want to answer, I am happy to respect your wishes.  I will then leave the room whilst you remove clothing (but not underwear), and get onto the massage table, under the towels.  Only the part of the body being worked at any time is uncovered, and I will leave the room again for you to dress at the end of the treatment.

Any scars from medical procedures or from self-harm will be treated with sensitivity and respect.

“For years I ignored the aches and pains inmy back, neck and shoulders – I just accepted that’s the way I was made.  Roushan is a miracle worker and has used incredibly effective techniques I’d never come across in massage before (and I’ve tried several types!).  I still can’t believe what great value for money she offers for such an effective treatment – I always leave feeling floaty, light and very relaxed. It helps that Roushan is very easy and friendly company, so whatever is bothering me I can let it out and then concentrate on being healed.  Marvellous, I just wish she could clone herself!”

– Anna Winters, Edinburgh

Roushan knows exactly where I need most attention to knead away all the knots and tension, to leave me relaxed and revived!  For me – an oasis of calm.”

– Hilary Knowles, Edinburgh

Price:  55 minutes & 5 mins changing time – £70