“When I first contacted Roushan, I had what I can only describe as a darkness inside of me that would not let me be happy. Of course, I laughed, smiled and lived but I never felt truly happy. Roushan took me on a journey that made me laugh (genuinely) and cry but most of all she has allowed me to “be”. The constant fretting, second guessing and beating myself up has subsided. I feel so much more confident. Roushan has certainly put the light back into my life and I will always be grateful”.

– S, Edinburgh

“I had never heard of emotional freedom technique, and so was unsure of what to expect! However I found it an incredibly helpful, therapeutic experience. I still don’t fully understand why it works, but it helped me work through some emotional issues which have affected me for some time. After one session I felt like I had a more positive outlook on this particular problem.”

– Scottish Government Client

“On two separate occasions now, when faced with a feeling of being stuck with an emotional upset, I have made an appointment with Roushan for an EFT session.  Suspending my normal cynicism and putting my trust in Roushan’s welcoming and friendly manner, I have allowed her to guide me through the issues I described to her.  I have no idea how it works but all I can say is, that on both occasions I felt mentally lighter and less troubled after my visit.  A combination of tapping and repeating is not difficult to do and Roushan has a lovely way of making you feel very supported.  I can wholeheartedly recommend trying this technique if you feel you can’t move on from something bothering you.”

– SW

“I went to see Roushan during a particularly difficult time. Roushan helped me first of all with a series of Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) sessions and then with some Bach treatments. Roushan’s personality, style, professionalism and kindness shone through from the first meeting. Roushan explained the details of EFT in a way that was easy to understand and to comprehend why I felt the benefit even after just one session. Roushan is an expert in Bach remedies too and she really listened to me to get the right combination for my bespoke treatment. I would recommend Roushan to anyone who is looking to understand what is happening in their life and their emotions.”

– SM, Edinburgh

Thought I’d tell you about my (your) Christmas miracle.  You’ll hopefully remember I had a session with you a couple of weeks ago, looking at my fear of speaking in meetings? Well, yesterday I attended the first big meeting I’ve had to go to since then.  Couldn’t imagine it would be any different to before, but lo and behold,the fear was gone!  I was babbling away quite the thing, in fact they could hardly shut me up. And somehow even managed to become one of the people that everyone else was looking to for my opinion on things. HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY WORK?????

– Scottish Government Client

“For years I ignored the aches and pains in my back, neck and shoulders – I just accepted that’s the way I was made. Roushan is a miracle worker and has used incredibly effective techniques I’d never come across in massage before (and I’ve tried several types!). I still can’t believe what great value for money she offers for such effective treatment – I always leave feeling floaty, light and very relaxed. It helps that Roushan is very easy and friendly company, so whatever is bothering me I can let it out and then concentrate on being healed. Marvellous, I just wish she could clone herself!”

– Anna Winters, Edinburgh

“Roushan has been my massage therapist since 2006 and I am continually impressed by the standard of treatment she provides, her professionalism and her kindness.  The overall benefits for me have been significant improvements to both my physical and emotional health, I can highly recommend the variety of services she offers, and the quality with which they are delivered.”

– April-Wendy Hayes, Edinburgh

“When I first met Roushan and started on the Bach remedies I felt lonely, scared and anxious. I was normally a very confident and happy person and found it difficult to understand what had happened to me and why I felt like I did. Roushan suggested the Bach remedies as something which would help me get back to where I wanted to be. I must admit I was a bit cynical about how such a simple thing could solve what I considered at the time to be the biggest problem I has ever faced however I thought there was nothing to lose and started seeing Roushan regularly and taking the remedies. To my great relief I found that a combination of the Bach Remedies and Roushan’s understanding and logical approach to the way I was feeling started having a positive effect. It took about 3 months [1 consultation and 3 follow ups] and a number of changes to the remedies I was given to really make the difference but the end result is that I have now regained my confidence, feel no anxiety and can generally deal with whatever life throws at me. If you feel anything like I did I would give the Bach remedies a try.”

– M, Edinburgh

“Last year I had an operation for bowel cancer, followed by a course of chemotherapy. During this time I had several massage treatments with Roushan, which I found very positive and helpful. I have just had my first checkup since then, and seem to be fine. I have no doubt that my sessions with Roushan helped the healing process.”

– Shirley Gibb, Edinburgh

“My fear of birds, particularly dead birds, was having a negative impact on my work, which sometimes involves entering empty or derelict buildings where birds are often encountered at close quarters. I looked at various ways of addressing the issue, and eventually decided that EFT seemed to be the best option. The sessions were harder work than I had expected, but interesting and rewarding. Most importantly, I am now able to manage my feelings about birds, and rarely experience anxiety when encountering them. The great thing about EFT is that you can continue to use it to build on the progress made in sessions with the therapist. It is also transferable to other problems; I have also successfully used it to deal with headaches and nausea.”

– Ginny S, Edinburgh

“Roushan is an excellent therapist and the Bach Flower Remedies she has prescribed for me have been amazingly effective. They have helped to improve my confidence, self-esteem and my life in general in a seemingly effortless way – all I need to do is remember to take the remedies. I highly recommend this therapy.”

– Jackie Cohen, Edinburgh

“I am completely amazed by EFT, had been prepared to stay totally unconvinced cos it does all sound a bit far-fetched. Why isn’t everyone in the world using it?!?”

– P, Edinburgh

“Roushan knows exactly where I need most attention to knead away all the knots and tension, to leave me relaxed and revived!  For me – an oasis of calm.”

– Hilary Knowles, Edinburgh

“Roushan has run 2 workshops for our youth workers network, and has helped create a really relaxed atmosphere, whilst keeping us on track, learning about how to safely introduce complementary therapies to young women. Roushan is really reliable, flexible and professional, all done with a down to earth manner and honesty. She used a sensitive balance of listening, sharing her knowledge in a very understandable way and encouraging us to try things out ourselves. Her humour really helped as well as her ability not to shy away from difficult issues when they came up. She had encouraged me in the thinking it through stage and given lots of help and advice.
Feedback from the group was really positive:
‘I loved how we learned without it feeling like being back at school. Roushan talked with us and helped us share our ideas and thoughts, though we’d never met before and I learned loads. It was informal yet focussed. we got through a lot without ever feeling talked at or pushed. Will be at the next workshop!!’
‘Really enjoyed today. It was great to meet everyone. This was a fun workshop but I learned loads of things I can show the girls. They’d love some of this!'”

– Joan Robertson, Co-ordinator, Resource Group for work with Girls.