Emotional Freedom Techniques

In-person sessions are not currently available, but I am seeing clients online via Zoom or Skype.

EFT (sometimes also known as ‘tapping’) is a simple, straightforward and easy to learn technique for approaching stressful problems.  It can have profoundly powerful results.

The principles of EFT (which you don’t need to believe a word of for EFT to work for you!) are based on the traditional Chinese Medicine theory of meridians, and chi, or ki.  Energy (chi, or ki) is present in every living thing, and its easy flow through our bodies (along pathways known as meridians) ensures our systems are healthy and in balance.  If there is a blockage or disruption in the flow of that energy, due to injury, stress, or a variety of other factors, the body is out of balance, and prone to illness, pain and mental and emotional disturbance – phobias, for example.

In EFT, you begin to notice and state the problem, little bit by little bit, and tap (or hold) a small succession of points on your face and body, to help contact and release the roots in the body of troubling thoughts, emotions and memories.

You don’t need to know the cause of the problem for EFT to work, and you don’t need to relive distressing events to work on reducing the effects they have had.  A number of sessions (the initial session being 1 1/2 hours, with subsequent sessions of an hour) may be required to deal with your issue – or it may resolve in just one – it’s impossible to know until you get started.  However, you will also be taught the technique during sessions so that you are able to practice EFT for yourself. Some people choose to be their own therapists following the first session, although most benefit from the support of further sessions.

I have been working with EFT since 2005, and have a Level 3 qualification with EFT International (EFTi), the lead body for EFT certification in the UK.  In addition to one-to-one work with clients,  I am an approved mentor/supervisor for EFT students and practitioners.  I was an EFTi accredited master trainer for 10 years, but stepped back from running training courses in 2021 to focus on clients.

I principally work with clients recovering from intense or traumatic experiences and from difficult childhoods, but have worked successfully with a range of clients to manage, among other issues:

  • Intrusive and disturbing memories
  • Stress of all kinds and with many causes
  • Fearfulness
  • Feeling low – or very low
  • Phobias (public speaking, birds, exams… )
  • Persistent Cravings (food, social media…)
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Improving relationships (with partners, family members, bosses…)
  • Physical symptoms – where they are directly caused by stress and emotional tension – including headaches, pain and breathing difficulties

 “I had never heard of emotional freedom technique, and so was unsure of what to expect! However I found it an incredibly helpful, therapeutic experience. I still don’t fully understand why it works, but it helped me work through some emotional issues which have affected me for some time. After one session I felt like I had a more positive outlook on this particular problem.”

– Scottish Government Client

Thought I’d tell you about my (your) Christmas miracle.  You’ll hopefully remember I had a session with you a couple of weeks ago, looking at my fear of speaking in meetings? Well, yesterday I attended the first big meeting I’ve had to go to since then.  Couldn’t imagine it would be any different to before, but lo and behold,the fear was gone!  I was babbling away quite the thing, in fact they could hardly shut me up. And somehow even managed to become one of the people that everyone else was looking to for my opinion on things. HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY WORK?????

– Scottish Government Client

“I wanted to try EFT for practical exam anxiety as I had some big exams coming up. On the 4 hour drive to my exams I completely forgot that I
would usually be extremely anxious and the practical went without a hitch. 6 months later on my final practical exam, being nervous was the last thing on my mind! Unbelievable for me!So, thank you Roushan and thank you EFT!”

– JF, Edinburgh

“My fear of birds, particularly dead birds, was having a negative impact on my work, which sometimes involves entering empty or derelict buildings where birds are often encountered at close quarters. I looked at various ways of addressing the issue, and eventually decided that EFT seemed to be the best option. The sessions were harder work than I had expected, but interesting and rewarding. Most importantly, I am now able to manage my feelings about birds, and rarely experience anxiety when encountering them. The great thing about EFT is that you can continue to use it to build on the progress made in sessions with the therapist. It is also transferable to other problems; I have also successfully used it to deal with other issues.”

– Ginny S, Edinburgh

Fee: £70 per session (60 minutes)

I am an accredited certified advanced practitioner and master trainer with EFT International, the lead body for EFT in the UK.